MaskerAide Facial Masks Review

I am in loooove with these facial masks! I received my first one many months ago in a Topbox, and I have been hooked ever since! Life has been one great big stresser for me lately. Using a MaskerAide facial mask has been a quick and easy way for me to unwind a bit.

They have a few different types of masks depending on your need. They include:

  • All Nighter
  • Detox Diva
  • I Don’t Wanna Grow Up
  • Beauty Rest’ore
  • Weather Warrior
  • Pre Party Prep

I have only tried the “All Nighter”, but I am super impressed! They come with enough serum on them to get it all over your face and neck as well. The serum is packed with vitamins and nutrients. My skin has never felt so fantastic. I have a few others in my drawer. I plan on using one tomorrow evening after I drop the baby off at grandma’s house.

The sheet mask is moud out of thin fiber that fits your face perfectly. I know sometimes other sheet masks fit kind of weird, but these don’t have that problem. I like this style much better than the messy mud mask, that seems impossible to wash off properly. What I loved most about this mask was the cooling effect. I could almost feel the stress and wrinkles leaving my face.

They have a list here of where to buy MaskerAide facial masks. Do it do it do it! You won’t be sorry!