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My First and Last Ipsy Bag

I received my first Ipsy bag for the month of may. As I mentioned before, I decided to cancel both of my beauty box subscriptions in order to pay for my Isagenix so this will be the only Ipsy bag I receive. It’s a great little bag, so I hope it was the right choice!

This is how it arrived. Cute!

And this is the adorable bag my samples came in. The makeup bag is probably one of the best perks about this subscription service!

And these are all of my lovely samples!

I received:

  • Zoya nail polish
  • Pacifica Bronzing Body Butter
  • Macadamia Hair’s light weight Healing Oil Treatment
  • Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss
  • yaby concealer refill

The samples are pretty decent! Great variety, unlike some of the Topbox’s I have received in the past. Great sizes, including some full size. I’d highly recommend! It works out to be about $15/month, a little bit more expensive than Topbox, but worth it. If I decide to subscribe to a beauty subscription box in the future, I’d probably pick this over Topbox!

Father’s Day Gift! Scentsy is Not Just For Women!

If you’re stuck on a Father’s Day gift, and not wanting to get your dad another tie this year – have you considered Scentsy? I know, I know. You may be thinking women are the only ones who enjoy scented products. I can tell you from my own experience, that isn’t at all true! In fact, my first ever Scentsy party had over 75% of men in attendance, and they were the big spenders!

Scentsy has these great warmers to go on dad’s desk, or in his man cave. Wherever he may need a nice touch of scent!


See! Manly Scentsy warmers! You may not also be aware that Scentsy offers MAN scents too! You can check out the collection of man scents here.

Exclusive to May, if you hold a successful Scentsy party – whether it be an home party or an online party, you have the opportunity to purchase this Scentsy Man Six Pack!


All six scents are packed in a gift-worthy carrying case. He won’t even know how to thank you.

  • Cold Pizza: True gourmands will recognize this combo of spicy tomato sauce, cheese, and basil.
  • Burn Rubber: The smell of new tires on your ride.
  • Divot: As fresh as a chunk of newly-mowed fairway tossed in the air by your nine iron.
  • Smokehouse: The aroma of the magical place where beef jerky comes from.
  • Scentsy Cola: Sugary soda, straight from the fountain.
  • Woodshop: Just like 8th grade shop class.

If you want more information on how to get your hands on these awesome Scentsy Father’s Day gift, or how to host an online party and earn free Scentsy, get in touch with me! Or check out my Scentsy website at

Isagenix Week 1 – My Completely Honest Review

As you may already know, I recently signed up for the Isagenix 30 day cleanse and fat burning system. I am currently on day 7. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when I first signed up. I’ve never spent this amount of money on anything for myself. But I badly need a routine to help me get the baby weight off. I know many women struggle just as I do, so I want to provide a completely unbiased and honest review of Isagenix.

When I first started my 30 days, I was cautiously excited! I opened my package like a kid on Christmas morning, and excitedly downed my first product (Ionix Supreme, which you take every morning). BLECH. I almost couldn’t stomach it! As recommend by a friend, I made it as a warm tea. It didn’t really seem to help. Somehow I managed to get it down and continued on the day with my shakes. The shakes actually aren’t bad! They definitely require ice and a bit more water then suggested – otherwise they are more like a jello than a shake. As the days went by, I quickly became used to Ionix Supreme, and by day 3 I didn’t mind the taste at all! I also started craving the shakes, and had no issues replacing my usual breakfast and lunch options with the shakes. One issue I have been experiencing is being very hungry all of the time. I’m guessing this has something to do with the product speeding up my metabolism. I have been snacking on fruits and veggies between shakes and dinner, however I was told adding more protein to my snacks will help. I went out today and bought some natural peanut butter to put on apples as well as some hummus for my veggies. I’ll let you know if it works!

Yesterday was day 6, my cleanse day. I was going to provide an update but I thought it would be better to wait to finish the cleanse first. I’m not going to lie, cleanse days are HARD. For a deep cleanse, it is recommended you do 2 days back to back but I have modified it a bit. There’s no way I could manage 2 days back to back of cleansing. I was cranky, hungry, and couldn’t wait to get to bad last night. But it was worth it!

I woke up this morning, weighed and measured myself. Since day 1, I have lost 4.2lbs and 1 inch around my abdomen. They recommend to take all of your measurements, but I am only monitoring my abdomen because that’s the only part I care about lol.

So, overall thoughts so far? It seems to be doing its job. The best results I have seen thus far has been an increase in energy! My life is CRAZY busy right now, and somehow I’ve managed to pull through it. I’m honestly not sure I could have done it without Isagenix. As for the weight loss, I think time will tell. I’ve been doing everything by the book. While I’m not at the point where I can say, YES I am satisfied with my body, I think I am on the right path. I have 23 days to go still, so lots of time to lose more inches and more weight!

If you would like more information about the Isagenix 30 day cleanse and fat burning system, get in touch with me at nicolejreid @ Or you can take a look at the website

If you have a few friends that want to start the challenge with you, you can even get your product paid for! If you’ve tried Isagenix, I’d love to hear your experience!